Published by "The Windows Project." ISBN 0 907950 329

Duboetry delivers a strong rhythmic account of "Dub Poetry" and makes a powerful statement on African and culture at home and the AfricanDiaspora.

Duboetry is part of the Merseyside Poetry Minibooks Series


Liverpool Experience

Published By "Michael Schwinn." ISBN 3-925077-13-8

Liverpool Experience is a poetic response to the politics and culture of the 1980's. In a decade of political disputes/ unrest, riots, oppressive regimes and cultural change. Levi's pen beats out tongue rhythms on the page in a dub style to give a voice to those whom challenged the system at that time.

Rhyme Don't Pay

Published by "Headland Publications." ISBN 0903074 788

In this collection of poems Levi's voice speaks vibrantly between the pages, highlighting the social and cultural atmosphere in "CHECK OUT THE TIME." "JUST IN RHYME" celebrates the oral tradition and "THIS IS THE CRIME" explores environmental issues and the effect that human activities is having on planet earth.


From The Page to The Stage

Published by "Headland Publications." ISBN 1 902096 97 5

From The Page to The Stage follows the success of Levi's previous book "Rhyme Don't Pay." There is an engaging humour, variety and vitality in his poetry, whether writing of love of various kinds or his concern for society and the environment. Levi is a brilliant performer of his work and these poems dance from the page to the stage and back again.